Frank J. Zamboni

Inventor Candido Jacuzzi, leaves Italy for the United States and the contributions of Italian American inventors.

Born to a farm family in 1903 in Italy's Friuli region, Candido Jacuzzi (1903-1986) came to this country in 1920 and settled in Berkeley, California. There he worked in a machine shop operated by his brothers. As necessity is the mother of invention, it was the severe arthritis of his youngest child that served as the motivation in 1949 for Candido to create a pump that caused a whirlpool reaction in the bathtub that brought relief to the arthritic condition. Jacuzzi patented the invention and after some modifications the family business began to manufacture hydro massage units for home use. This led Jacuzzi to invent other similar devices for use in larger water holding systems. Jacuzzi served as president of the company that manufactured various types of submersible pumps in several plants. So closely was his name identified with whirlpool baths that "Jacuzzi" became the generic term.

There were of course other Italian American inventors who received dozens of patents and a sampling is appropriate. Antonio Meucci was credited with inventing a mechanical string telephone, Frank Bellanca received a patent for a pursuit bomber and patents for other technical improvements of airplanes, and Enrico Fermi received a patent for a sustained reaction in neutronic reactor. In addition, Bernard Castro invented the folding sofa bed, Bernard A. Cousino, invented the eight-track tape player and the automobile tape deck, Ettore Steccone invented the flexible rubber wiper used on automobile windshields, and Frank J. Zamboni invented the "Zamboni Machine" for ice resurfacing.

Zamboni machines are a fixture at hockey games.
The name Jacuzzi has become synonymous with whirlpools.

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