Salvatore LaGumina
Note from Author

It is altogether fitting and salutary for American ethnic groups to cite the highlights of their encounter in the United States as a way of recalling their unique contributions to the development of this country. To review in a systematic and organized manner the role that Italian Americans have played and continue to play, serves not only Americans of Italian descent but also the wider community. Milestones is intended to foster and stimulate a re-examination of the role Americans of Italian descent in the land of their adoption. As such, it is hoped that Milestones provides the basis for animation, appeal, and education.

In fashioning the categories, names, and events that are included in this presentation, a conscious effort was made to focus on those entries that were significant in and of themselves. Entries were selected because they were seminal; they started new departures, significantly affected them, or defined new movements and trends. A conscious effort was made to do more than just list names. Accordingly, entries are developed with concise but meaningful explanations and their historic significance. It should further be mentioned that while the entries selected are widespread, there may have been some omissions. Thus no claim is made that this work is definitive, rather that it constitutes a major step in highlighting Italian American milestones.

I am grateful to so many people whose research and writings have helped me that I could not begin to list them all. I would be remiss, however if I did not single out NIAF and John Marino for the opportunity to create NIAF’s Milestones of the Italian American Experience.

Prof. Salvatore LaGumina, Ph.D.
Author, Milestones of the Italian American Experience

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