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About the author

Salvatore J. LaGumina, Director of the Center for Italian American Studies at Nassau Community College, is a recognized authority on Italian American history. He has served as consultant in the National Ethnic Heritage Studies Program and in similar roles for ethnic groups such as the American Jewish Congress and New York public schools and has won awards for teaching and for his contributions to education. He has frequently appeared on television and spoken on radio programs on the topic and is the author, editor or co-editor of fourteen books dealing with Italian Americans and immigration. Among his most acclaimed works are From Steerage to Suburb: The Long Island Experience, a seminal work on the suburban dimension, and The Italian American Experience -- An Encyclopedia, considered perhaps the most comprehensive and definitive work of its kind. He has also written dozens of articles on the multi-dimensioned Italian American experience.

Dr. LaGumina was one of the founders of the American Italian Historical Association serving as its vice president and president. He also was the first president of the Long Island Chapter of the American Italian Historical Association. He has been invited to present papers on the Italian American experience at major universities both in Italy and the United States. He has served as Director of the Ethnic Studies Program at Wesleyan University and as consultant for post-graduate dissertations.

Anyone interested in purchasing LaGumina books still in print, such as From Steerage to Suburb: The Long Island Experience, or Wop, A Documentary History of Anti-Italian Discrimination in the United States, or Long Island Italians (a pictorial history) should contact Dr. LaGumina at:

History Department
Nassau Community College
One Education Drive
Garden City, NY 11530


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